Robert Janssen
Staalbouw Mook

Caroline bezit de competenties om goed te kunnen luisteren en door te vragen om zo tot de kern van een probleem door te dringen.
Vervolgens komt Caroline vanuit een theoretisch onderbouwde analyse met praktische toepassingen.
Dit met gevoel voor betrokkenheid maakt dat wij zeer prettig en efficiënt samenwerken.

Kristin Jonsdottir Sedney Natka Health & Wellness
Farminpex N.V.

Caroline and I worked together on creating and implementing a six month program called “Health & Vitality for Employees”. It was based on the mission; “Healthy Employees build Healthy Communities” which was the theme and that year’s mission of a company located in Curacao.  It was impressive to hear how Caroline was able to naturally change from Dutch to English and then to Spanish and was even picking up the local language Papiamento along the way. Caroline is someone who always looks for the positive side of things and looks for solutions that fit everyone.  It was a great pleasure to work with her and I can surely recommend her for any type of individual or team coaching projects.